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Learn advanced life sciences at the Graduate School of Life Science!

Learn advanced life sciences at the Graduate School of Life Science!The Graduate School of Life Science is one of the most recently established graduate schools at Hokkaido University.
The aim of our graduate school is to educate and foster graduate students to enable them to cope with rapidly developing multi-disciplinary fields of life sciences. Staff from five separate faculties (the Faculty of Science,Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Advanced Life Science, Research Faculty of Agriculture, and Faculty of Medicine) and seven research institutions (Institute of Low Temperature Science, Research Institute for Electric Science,Institute for Genetic Medicine, Institute for Catalysis,Hokkaido University Hospital, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, National Institute for Materials Science) provide education for students within our graduate school.


Education in the Graduate School of Life Science

The Division of Life Science in the Graduate School of Life Science provides three independent educational courses: Transdisciplinary Life Science Course, Biosystems Science Course, and Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Science Course. These courses and the Division of Soft Matter provide students with specialized instruction within the areas that are described in more detail in the respective web sites for each course which are linked from the "Faculty" page. They share the common educational systems as listed below:

1) Focused lectures on specific topics are provided for each course and divisions. In addition, several inter-disciplinary lectures, which enable students to acquire broad knowledge and techniques on life science, are available for all students. These lectures include topics such as ethics, intellectual property, bioinformatics, bio-imaging and soft matter.

2) In addition to each laboratory setting, scientific writing and academic presentation skills can be acquired through lectures.

3) Several faculty members support the research project of each student and provide the students with diverse points of views.

Development of students with multi-disciplinary views

To better fit the scope of each student, we provide a foundation of different levels of education as outlined below. Each of these individual levels represent the scope of each course or a division of the Graduate School of Life Science

1) Understanding of the structure and function of biomolecules / 2) Understanding of the common biological system that integrate a broad spectrum of biomolecules, which also leads to understanding of biodiversity / 3) Developing an ability to apply comprehensive knowledge on life science for investigating the molecular mechanisms of immune systems, and designing innovative drugs. / 4) Developing an ability to solve clinical and pharmaceutical problems through systematic investigation and research

The Graduate School of Life Science fosters the development of students with multi-disciplinary views beyond the conventional boundaries of life sciences. Many students continue their careers at academic institutions; including, universities and at a wide range of industries including; food, medical, chemical, and computer industries.

Study with many international students

Study with many international students

Nearly 1,500 international students are enrolled in Hokkaido University,. Among them, more than 50 students belong to the Graduate School of Life Science. Japanese and international students are able to enjoy communication and social interactions between fellow students from diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds.

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